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Onlineshops for Books

After we did not find any onlineshop on the market, that supports the requirements for bookselling, we decided to rework an existing open source shopsystem to a bookselling shop.
We compared all widespread shop systems and decided to use the well known software

modified eCommerce Shopsoftware

The reasons had been

  • Security
  • Stability
  • An active community
  • Performance
  • Easy to modify

After more than a year of development here originated a shop system, who combines the good quality of the original with the additional functions who are essential for bookselling. Besides this, we modified and optimized a responsive template to run on this new shop system. Now also mobile devices are supported. This becomes more and more important, becasue search engines start to rank pages down if they don't become displayed properly on small screens, or lack usability on the touchscreens of the mobile devices.

Another important point is optimizing performance. With specific configurations you can improve the performance a lot. This realizes not the customer only, also the search engine and ranks the shop better.

A more detailed description of the reworked shop software will follow here soon.

Here are some examples of completed projects